Breaking news: Airport closed after cargo aircraft skids off the runway at Halifax

(SkyLease aircraft - stock photo)

At 05:05 (AST) today, a Boeing 747-400 SkyLease cargo aircraft arriving from Chicago, Illinois, went off the end of Runway 32 upon its scheduled landing at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In a statement, Halifax Stanfield said it had “activated its emergency plan and its well-trained and highly skilled emergency response team is responding to the incident along with local emergency responders including Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Halifax Regional Police (HRP), Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency (HRFE) and Emergency Health Services (EHS).”

The aircraft was carrying five crew members who have been removed from the aircraft and transported to hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

The airfield has been closed temporarily. There will be no flight arrivals and departures until further notice.