Brexit inaction ‘not an option’, says CILT


On Thursday August 9, Chris Grayling MP, the UK’S secretary of state for transport, hosted a road haulage round table with professional representatives, the Department for Transport (DfT), the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and other government departments to consider plans for Brexit, including a no-deal scenario.

Reflecting on the meeting, CILT chief executive Kevin Richardson says: “CILT is pleased to work with the DfT and other government departments in the greater good of the national interest. Logistics and transport are key to our citizens’ freedoms, security, and national prosperity – and frictionless borders are essential. All must now play their part; inaction is not an option, and everyone should collaborate on creating the most effective and efficient solutions for our future outside the EU, as a significant global player.”

CILT haslong-championed that frictionless borders are crucial. The UK government has stated that it is seeking ‘free flowing borders’ and that ‘liberalised access’ was being requested and offered by the UK. Delays in transit and extensive border checks would be a particular issue for time perishable products, including fresh produce and work in progress movements.

During the meeting, CILT requested clarity on plans and timelines to assist businesses in  contingency planning; as well as to conduct research and assess logistics capacity against the demands of the nation under different scenarios, so that major gaps, risks and the implications for private and public sector investment can be determined.

Richardson says: “It is imperative that we work together to get a solution that ensures that our supply chains continue to operate without friction. Although we should be prepared for a no-deal scenario, CILT will continue to highlight the disruption that such a situation will present to both UK and EU businesses and societies.”