BRU sees flown cargo volumes stable compared to 2021

Brussels Airport sees more cargo growth

In the month of March, more than 1.1 million passengers chose Brussels Airport, an increase of 500% in comparison with March 2021 and a decline of 44% compared to the same month in 2019. This makes the month of March the best month of 2022 so
far. The flown cargo volumes  remained stable compared to last year (+0.1%), the
trucked volumes on the other hand saw a decline of 13%.

the total cargo transport at Brussels Airport decreased slightly by 3% compared to
March 2021. The air cargo volumes remained stable with +0.1%. The full-cargo segment
showed a decline of -10% while belly cargo rose by 81.4% due to the increase in the number of passenger flights. The express services saw a decline of 10% due to the weakening growth of the e-Commerce market in Western Europe and the temporary shift of DHL flights to other regional hubs. The trucked volumes declined by 13%.

Asia remains the largest export region and is the second largest region for import. Africa is,
for the second consecutive month, the largest import region, with volumes that are 30%
higher than last year.

In March, the milestone of one billion handled COVID-19 vaccines was reached at Brussels Airport.

Since the start of the worldwide distribution of vaccines in November 2020, Brussels Airport
has been the preferred hub for this important and delicate pharma transport.


In March 2022, the total number of flight movements rose by 154% compared to 2021, with 13,129 flight movements (compared to 18,126 in 2019). The number of passenger flights increased with 348% compared to 2021, which is 61% of the number of passenger flights in March 2019. Each flight had an average of 119 passengers on board compared to 129 in 2019.

The number of cargo flights decreased this month by 2.5% compared to 2021.