Brussels Airport sees 2.2% cargo growth

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport has released the latest performance figures for 2020.

A total of 6,743,395 passengers passed through Brussels Airport in 2020, unsurprisingly down 74% on 2019.

The cargo segment, and in particular air cargo, saw demand increase in 2020 especially for the transport of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies and recorded a 2% growth in cargo volumes.

“2020 truly was a very unusual and difficult year for the aviation industry”, explains Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company. “As from March, the sanitary measures and the travel restrictions made passenger numbers at Brussels Airport plummet. We had to constantly adapt to be able to safely welcome our passengers in accordance with current health regulations.

“Fortunately, our cargo department has been in great demand throughout the crisis, particularly for the transport of pharmaceuticals and perishables and for e-commerce. The major role Brussels Airport played since the end of November in the transport of COVID vaccines will undoubtedly continue throughout 2021. May this new year allow us, thanks to the COVID vaccine rollout, to welcome more passengers again.”