Buffalo Airways grounded over safety concerns

Buffalo Airways Lockheed L-188 Electra

Buffalo Airways has had its Air Operator Certificate suspended by Transport Canada because of its “poor safety record”.

The airline, based in Yellowknife in Canada’s North West Territories had its certificate suspended at 23.59h local time on 30 November and will not be allowed to provide commercial air services again until it consistently complies with aviation safety regulations.

Transport Canada says: “Transport Canada took this serious action in the interest of public safety because of Buffalo Airways’ poor safety record. The department will not allow Buffalo Airways to resume its commercial air service until it proves it can keep its operations consistently compliant with aviation safety regulations.”

In a statement on Buffalo Airways’ Facebook page, it says: “Buffalo Airways would like to thank all of it’s [sic] customers and passengers for their continued support during this unfortunate time.”

“Buffalo Airways will continue to support all of our customers travel and freight needs though [sic] chartered aircraft until such time Buffalo Airways has resolved this issue with Transport Canada.”

Buffalo operates a fleet including Canadair CL-215s, Douglas DC-3s and DC-4s and Lockheed L-188 Electras.