CAL adds second weekly flight from Oslo


CAL Cargo Airlines has added a second weekly flight from Oslo, Norway to Tel Aviv, Israel starting today (Friday 1 March).

The Friday departure adds 3,500 tonnes of seafood capacity from Oslo to Israel, with an estimated export value of over 200 million krone.

Martin Langaas, director of cargo at airport operator Avinor says: “We are very pleased that CAL has decided to increase their capacity from the largest freighter HUB in Northern Europe. Israel is a significant importer of fresh Norwegian seafood, such as salmon, which requires short shelf life. It’s therefore essential that we can facilitate fast and efficient delivery from Norway to Israel in collaboration with CAL.”

Offer Gilboa, chairman of CAL says: “CAL is pleased to launch the second weekly flight to Oslo and we are looking forward to offer even better connectivity to Israel with our new Friday departure from Norway. This will strengthen the existing relationship with the seafood industry.”