CAL Cargo to start Halifax service

CAL Cargo Airlines at Liege Airport

CAL Cargo Airlines has launched a peak season freighter service out of Halifax Stanfield International Airport as it continues to spread its wings in North America.

The flights from the Canadian airport will start in December this year and a full roster is available with flights also connecting to Liege (Belgium), Hong Kong and then Shanghai.

CAL Group chief executive officer, Eyal Zagagi, says: “We’re thrilled to open the flights from Halifax. It was only two months ago that we announced round-trip service from Atlanta, Georgia (USA), and now with Halifax we have significantly strengthened our foothold and expanded our network in North America.

“We look forward to continuing this momentum and further increasing our presence throughout the new year.”

Zagagi continues: “Our entire infrastructure was built to provide a rapid solution for the distribution of time and temperature sensitive goods such as perishables, live animals, pharma and other complex shipments.

“We comply with the strictest industry regulations that are especially relevant when transporting lobster and sea agriculture in general. In this and other regards, CAL is uniquely positioned to support the needs of the local catchment area.”