Camilo Garcia leaves IAG Cargo to join Freightos


Camilo Garcia has left IAG Cargo to take up the role of global vice president business development at Freightos Group.

In his role, Garcia will be heading up airline relationships at WebCargo by Freightos, the business unit for digitising logistics service providers.

Writing on the WebCargo by Freightos website, Garcia explained why he left IAG Cargo, the parent company of British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Level.

He says that despite people’s reliance on the internet, the logistics industry remains largely offline, and while things are improving, it is not quick enough.

Commenting on 20 years in the air cargo industry, Garcia says: “While I was booking flights online for personal and business travel, I was part of an industry that to a large extent was still booking air cargo manually. At IAG Cargo, we were amongst the very few airlines to pioneer digital cargo.”

He also comments: “I feel the best way to truly digitise global freight is for logistics industry experts to crossover into the technology world. Knowledge transfer is critical.”

Garcia says cargo and technology have been operating on parallel tracks, and despite good intentions to bring global shipping online, the approach has had limited success.

He says: “I’m excited to contribute my industry expertise to bridge this knowledge gap, helping tech companies like Freightos continue to support cargo innovation, but doing so increasingly as an industry insider, not an external force.”