Cargo continues to grow in Brussels despite falling freighter traffic


Cargo volumes have continued to grow in July at Brussels Airport despite a fall in full freight traffic due to airlines leaving because of stricter noise standards.

Total volumes were up 3.8 per cent to 41,191 tonnes with belly cargo increasing 13.9 per cent to 11,197 tonnes, mainly due to long-haul passenger services returning to full capacity in July 2016 following the 22 March terrorist attacks.

Freighter cargo was up 0.4 per cent to 29,994 tonnes, with 8.2 per cent growth of integrator traffic to 18,463 tonnes making up for the 9.9 per cent fall in full freighter transport to 11,531 tonnes due to airlines leaving or reducing operations due to stricter noise standards.

Cargo volumes grew 14.5 per cent between January and July to 309,507 tonnes, with all sectors registering double digit growth.

Freighter cargo was up 15.4 per cent to 230,345 tonnes with 22.7 per cent growth of full freighter traffic to 100,947 tonnes and a 10.3 per cent increase to 129,399 tonnes for integrators.

Belly cargo was also up 12 per cent to 79,162 tonnes between January and July.