Cargo jet charters on the rise


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed aviation. From passenger to cargo transportation, demand is being met by new reliable players in the market. Kyle Patel from Palm Beach, Florida-based BitLux explains this new normality.

He says: “The pandemic has changed the travel industry forever. That is not an overstatement. Social distancing, quarantines and the inability to travel has paid a toll on what drives passengers to fly today. Whereas just some months ago people flew for business or pleasure, now safety and reliability top the list. The previous explains why private aviation has increased its demand worldwide during Covid-19, operating repatriation, humanitarian, and cargo flights around the globe.

“Commercial air cargo has also suffered due to restrictions and closure of runways. The flexibility of private aviation has served as a lifeline for the transportation of goods worldwide, offering the capacity to land at almost any runway while delivering supplies of all sorts, from dangerous goods to valuable items. BitLux has extensive experience with executive jet charter, regional and international cargo charter, and precious handling cargo. We have worked with nearly everything – from manufacturing components to some of the world’s finest art. We’ve also used nearly everything, from regional propeller cargo aircraft to 767-300s for humanitarian relief, registering an increase of 40% in cargo charters during the first quarter of 2020 compared to the same period of last year.

“Just as an executive charter flight, private air cargo transportation is a fully tailored service from collection to transportation and delivery. Communication and tracking are also key, the two most valued traits by customers, and which charter companies thrive to deliver on every operation. Also important is their expertise in the coordination of supply chain needs, air courier requests, and overcoming any demands, including shipments to remote locations, extremely tight timelines, and customs clearance documentation.”

What aircraft will transport cargo?

Aircraft selection allows for great cost-efficiency. Why charter a large plane when you only need a turboprop to transport medication or sensitive documents? Cargo charter companies have access to thousands of different aircraft and will always be able to source the ideal plane, while also sticking to your requested budgetary constraints in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.

Patel says: “The previous is also a trend for other private aviation operations on the rise during the past months, repatriation flights and humanitarian missions. The coordination and knowledge from the private charter company is key, especially for repatriation flights where synergy is needed between diplomatic personnel in order to provide the best possible service for families stranded in foreign countries.

“Furthermore, humanitarian missions transporting medication and medical supplies have also used private aircraft around the globe during the coronavirus outbreak. Sometimes it’s the only way to reach isolated communities in need of treatment. The same is the case for natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, or forest fires; private aviation adapts to almost every runway in the world thanks to the wide diversity of models that adjust to every type of operation.”