Cargo volumes decline 8% at Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport reveals February figures
Brussels Airport

In March, Brussels Airport welcomed more than 1.6 million passengers, an increase of 42% compared to 2022. With the end of the holiday in the French-speaking schools at the beginning of the month and the start of the holiday in the Dutch-speaking schools at the end of the month, many holidaymakers transited through Brussels Airport. For their part, freight volumes fell by 8% compared to 2022, to reach 66,225 tons.

Cargo: -8% volume compared to March 2022 

In March, freight volumes transported at Brussels Airport decreased by 8% compared to March 2022 and reached 66,225 tons, mainly due to the 27% decrease in trucked volumes.

Compared to March 2022, flown cargo volumes decreased by 3%. The full cargo segment continues to grow, by 4% in March, while belly cargo slightly grew with +1%. Express services saw a 9% decrease.

The main importing regions are Asia (+35% compared to March 2022), Africa (-13% vs March 2022) and North America (+6% vs March 2022). In terms of exports, Asia again (+17% vs March 2022) is realising the strongest growth, while Africa (-11% vs March 2022) and North America saw their volumes fall (-26% vs March 2022).

Passenger traffic: +42% compared to March 2022 

Brussels Airport welcomed 1,603,565 passengers in March, an increase of 42% compared to March 2022. The spread of the holidays in the French-speaking and Dutch-speaking schools influenced the attendance figures. The extension of the French-speaking Carnival holidays translates into a greater number of arrivals during the first week of March, while the beginning of the Easter holiday for Dutch-speaking schools translates into a greater number of departures during the last week of March.

The share of transfer passengers was more than 17%, an increase of 84% compared to 2022. This confirms the resumption of intercontinental traffic and the position of Brussels Airport as a key hub for Brussels Airlines and its intercontinental and European partners within Star Alliance.

The ten most popular countries in March were Spain, Germany, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey and Morocco.

Flights: +12% compared to March 2022 

The total number of flight movements increased by 12% in March 2023 compared to 2022. The number of passenger flights increased by 23% compared to 2022, with an average of 138 passengers per flight, compared to 120 in March 2022. The number of cargo flights decreased by 10% compared to March 2022.