CargoAi launches Tech Summer

CargoAi launches tech summer

CargoAi launches Tech Summer, August 3-5 2021.

Tech Summer is a 3-day online event open to all. The goal of the Tech Summer series is to talk about the ways air cargo stakeholders can elevate their digitalisation activities through easy-to-apply tools and strategies in order to level up.

For its first Tech Summer, CargoAi offers participants the chance to take a break and learn more about Tech. The CargoAi team and several members of the Board of Advisors, industry and Tech experts will lead three sessions on the current hot topics:

  • Tech: Get behind the cloud and the hottest 3-letter code (API)
  • Product: The best way to build a product in unchartered skies
  • Marketing & Sales: The power to make waves (the good ones) for your business

The idea is to discuss these sometimes-complex topics in an accessible and simple way.

“At CargoAi, our raison d’être has always been to digitalise air freight in a simple and human way. This Tech Summer is the concrete manifestation of this desire. Our ambition is to make Tech accessible to everyone by providing advice, explanations and a platform for exchanging best practices on the subject,” said Matthieu Petot, CEO of CargoAi.

Today, digitalisation is on the roadmap for all air cargo companies – and there is a lot of catching up to do. But the question remains as to whether this digitalisation being done correctly. Answers to this question can be found during the Tech Summer on August 3-5, with a studious but relaxed atmosphere guaranteed.