Cargolux joins European airline association A4E

Cargolux Airlines landing at Ashgabat

Cargolux Airlines International has joined Europe’s largest airline association – Airlines for Europe (A4E).

A4E says to accommodate to the needs of all-cargo airlines and as well to the cargo operations of its existing airline members, it will introduce a specialised working group as well as ensuring its current and future campaigns will reflect the expanded requirements.

Cargolux president and chief executive officer, Richard Forson says: “Cargolux Airlines looks forward to joining Airlines for Europe, and to contributing an all-cargo carrier’s perspective on aviation issues that are impacted by regulations at European level.

“The European Union develops many important policies that have a direct impact on an airline’s ability to transport air cargo efficiently, securely, safely and profitably.

“A4E has an important mission in representing the views of European airlines, and in working with the regulators to ensure that EU policy will contribute to the competitiveness of the European air transport sector and a level playing field at a global level. Cargolux will gladly take a full part in supporting A4E achieve this mission.”

A4E’s managing director, Thomas Reynaert adds: “Adding Cargolux to our member base clearly shows that A4E is continuing on its path to represent the European airline community, regardless of its airlines’ business models.

“We have achieved a lot in 2016 and uniting 14 airline groups will give us the right momentum to grow further. Air transport is just too important for Europe’s economic development  – it needs a strong voice in Brussels and the member states.”