Cars to Korea was Globalink’s mission

Navoi International Airport in Uzbekistan

GLOBALINK has been contracted to transport Chevrolet and Daewoo automobiles from their production factory in Asaka (Uzbekistan) to Incheon (Korea).

As well as the vehicles, a large volume of related spare parts were also to be transported. The vehicles and parts were flown out of Navoi Aiport after the automotive freight had been trucked from the Asaka factory. The freighters flying the cars and parts out were organised by Globalink’s airfreight division. The company says: “Whether it’s one car or a whole fleet of them, Globalink always makes it happen.”

Globalink’s Tashkent-based team have also organised the delivery of a vehicle which was being sent to the Cobalt Motor Show in Russelsheim, Germany. Globalink’s staff are organised into a packing team, who will collect and crate a vehicle for shipment, the road freight team, whom arrange for the pickup of the crated vehicle, and the airfreight team which make sure the aircraft will be available at the time and place needed.

“All the teams are working simultaneously, no time was lost. The coordination and planning between our divisions, each skilled at what they do, resulted in a quick and speedy delivery,” says Globalink. Established in 1994, Globalink operates throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States and Middle East.