CEIV is a healthy choice for Delta Cargo

Delta Airlines Airbus A330-300

With IATA CEIV Pharma certification across its network and for its partners, Delta Cargo has experienced strong growth for both pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

Delta Cargo obtained CEIV certification in July 2017 for the Atlanta warehouse and head office, making it the first US passenger airline to do so.

The airline says the integrity and security of the CEIV certification process ensures that customers can rely on Delta Cargo to transport their pharma.

Through partnerships with other airlines, Delta Cargo has created the first CEIV Pharma trans-Atlantic network connecting Atlanta with other certified partners, stations and handlers in Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Paris and Rome.

Delta Cargo says: “Delta Cargo and Virgin Atlantic Cargo are the first joint venture providing true end-to-end compliance and assurance for customers moving pharmaceuticals, medicines and life science shipments between the US and UK. The airlines now offer almost a quarter of all trans-Atlantic cargo capacity (between UK/US), in the busiest global lane for pharma shipments.”

Facilities, equipment, operations and staff have been a major focus area with all applicable standards, regulations and guidelines.

CSafe RAP containers have also been introduced to its cold-chain pharma programme.

Delta says: “This high-performing temperature-controlled air cargo container is ideal for pharmaceutical and life-science companies requiring strict temperature regulations to protect its contents from operational and weather challenges during shipments to patients around the world.”

Delta Cargo sees a strong future in pharma, saying: “As the focus on health and wellness grows in the US and globally, demand for medicines and medical related products will likely increase. Many of these products have shelf lives and need to move quickly with air transportation being a key support.”