Celebi Aviation uses virtual reality for training


Celebi Aviation has added virtual reality to its training module, making it the first ground handler in Turkey to use the technology.

Using virtual reality in the training module means co-workers will learn and practice the activities on virtually real aircraft and the apron.

The training will place users inside the experience, and instead of viewing a screen in front of them or imagining the experience, users are immersed and able to interact with operation itself.

Real life situations that are hard to simulate on the apron including night time operations and emergencies can be replicated.

Celebi says virtual reality not only improves the learning experience but safety and quality can be maintained.

Based on initial feedback from the module, Celebi plans to rollout the module across its network.

Dave Dorner, CEO of Celebi Aviation Holding says: “We continue to pursue our commitment to be an innovator in the aviation sector and invest in our people. VR is one example of how technology can be harnessed to provide a more effective and safer training environment to our valuable co-workers.”