CEVA awarded Airbus contract

A320 Hangar FAL - credit Airbus

In a major expansion of its international aerospace business, CEVA Logistics has been awarded contract to manage production supply for Airbus at the aircraft manufacturer’s assembly site in Hamburg, Germany.       

CEVA will operate the production supply logistics on behalf of Airbus at multiple locations with a total area of 58,631 sq m.

Among the services that will be provided are inbound, put away/storage, pick and prepare, marketplace, internal transport, delivery to point of use, returns, empties handling and external dispatch.

Within the scope of the new contract, CEVA will initiate and implement logistics improvements and projects, using LEAN principles to further increase efficiency within the facilities.

CEVA’s successful management of a spare parts and components contract for Airbus awarded in 2020 was key to the awarding of this new contract.

CEVA CEO, Mathieu Friedberg commmented: “CEVA’s capabilities and commitment in aerospace logistics have once again been recognised by Airbus with the awarding of this new contract. Our two companies have successfully worked together previously on other projects, most recently in Hamburg on the spare parts and components contract. The depth of CEVA’s specialist knowledge in this industry, combined with its innovative operational and delivery solutions, have been key to securing this new business.”