CHAMP Cargosystems joins Animal Transportation Association


CHAMP Cargosystems has joined the Animal Transportation Association (ATA) to exchange and develop services with experts in the sector.

The CHAMP team has been developing animal transport solutions to improve communication between the shipper, forwarding agent and airline.

The information and data will allow tracking and monitoring of the safety and well-being of animals in real-time.

Filip Vande Cappelle, president of ATA says the logistics industry must raise the bar and put high standards for animal transportation in place.

He says: “ATA welcomes CHAMP Cargosystems to the association and its intention to improve the data insight between parties involved making animal transportation safer.”

Arnaud Lambert, CEO of CHAMP Cargosystems says: “We are eager to share our technological and domain expertise with the ATA and its members, toward safer and more efficient animal transport, to not only benefit the industry as a whole but more importantly to benefit the animals themselves.”