CHAMP extends customs reporting system to freight forwarders

TMSfirst implements CHAMP’s Traxon Premium Tracking solution

CHAMP Cargosystems has extended the scope of its Traxon Global Customs (TGC) product to freight forwarders following changing regulations by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

The CBSA is the first Customs authority requiring direct forwarder filing, and from 12 July 2017, all forwarders deemed non-compliant may be issued with Administrative Monetary Penalty System fines.

The third phase of the CBSA Advance Commercial Information program (ACI) eManifest, is part of ongoing efforts to introduce more effective risk management processes, making the advance electronic transmission of customs and clearance information from forwarders compulsory.

TGC is described as a universal solution for airlines, handlers and forwarders to report electronically to customs authorities in over 40 countries, and is a single interface that pre-alerts users in case of missing data or errors prior to reporting.

CHAMP Cargosystems vice president global sales and marketing, Nicholas Xenocostas says: “With changing regulations comes a demand to expand our services to meet our customers’ needs. The trend to fully automated, paperless Customs makes TGC more relevant than ever.”

“We are adapting our solution to meet the needs of this new market. We are excited to extend our services to forwarders to help them achieve their new advance customs reporting requirements.”