CHEP rebranded as Unilode Aviation Solutions

CHEP Aerospace Solutions president and CEO, Dr Ludwig Bertsch

CHEP Aerospace Solutions has been rebranded Unilode Aviation Solutions following its acquisition by EQT Infrastructure in November 2016.

Unilode owns and manages approximately 100,000 outsourced unit load devices for more than 40 airline customers across a network of 450 airports and 48 repair and service centres.

Unilode president and chief executive officer, Dr Ludwig Bertsch says: “This is an incredibly exciting time for the business and our new brand will encapsulate the positive energy across our global team.”

“Accessible, memorable and true to our core values, Unilode is a name we are proud to stand behind as we continue to consolidate our position as the world’s leading provider for outsourced ULD and inflight equipment solutions.”

The brand will be officially unveiled at the International Air Transport Association World Cargo Symposium in Abu Dhabi from 14 to 16 March.

The name Unilode was created from the first letters of ‘unit load device’ and ‘lode’ is an old English word meaning rich source or supply.