CHI Group awarded advanced in TIACA rating for efficiency


CHI as first German air cargo handling provider to join and successfully complete the BlueSky Sustainability Verification Programme.

The CHI Group has reached a major milestone on its sustainability journey by participating and successfully completing TIACA’s BlueSky Programme as first German handling provider in the air cargo industry. The BlueSky Program assesses, verifies, and validates the sustainability performance of air cargo companies. In important categories, such as efficiency, CHI has achieved advanced ratings.

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Glyn Hughes, Director General at TIACA said, “As one of the initial partners of the BlueSky Programme I would like to congratulate CHI for achieving a strong result, demonstrating its in-depth focus on sustainability. CHI has proven that all addressed areas of the assessment, e.g., environment, society as well as culture and leadership, are already being pushed and that several measures have already been successfully implemented.” CHI already realized sustainability projects to reduce its carbon footprint by investing in a 100 % forklift fleet electrification, purchasing the first hydrogen-powered truck at Frankfurt Airport, and reprocessing wooden air cargo pallets. Furthermore, CHI has completed significant milestones in social sustainability in recent years, such as the installation of air purification filters in all warehouses and collaboration with universities and associations for inclusion.

Janina Meininger, project manager of the BlueSky Programme stated: “As part of the BlueSky Programme, CHI answered a questionnaire of nearly 300 questions and provided supporting evidence. Compiling such a volume of evidence requires close collaboration between all business units. In this regard, the desire of every participant to achieve greater sustainability has clearly emerged and is extremely important as holistic sustainable development requires the commitment of everyone in the organization.”

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Based on the dashboard, which was ceremonially presented by TIACA as part of the BlueSky Program, the company is now given important indicators of the areas of potential improvement. “We are delighted with the positive results of the BlueSky Assessment. The recommendations drawn from the assessment will pave the way for the next step of CHI’s Environmental, Social & Government (ESG) strategy, as CHI has started to tackle the ESG-Reporting requirements by German Legislator. Our ESG journey of a thousand milestones began with a single first step, the BlueSky Assessment” Kai Domscheit, CEO of CHI Group and Member of the TIACA Board of Directors, stated.