CNS 2015: Schiphol posts video on social media to target Indian customers


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol spent 5,500 euros ($5,940) on an animation video it has posted online after studying for a year what its customers are interested in and it was viewed by 60 target customers in India, the Dutch gateway has learned.

The Schiphol Cargo video was an attempt to use social media, a viral video, to provide information to potential customers and see how the future clients responded to the presentation.

The studies into what potential Schiphol customers wanted to know included sending university researchers to India to interview pharmaceutical shippers.

Speaking last week as a member of the social media panel at the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Cargo Network Services (CNS) conference in Orlando (US), Amsterdam Airport Schiphol cargo senior vice president, Enno Osinga, says: “At the airport we’re involved in social media, it is business to business and it’s coming quickly. We build the channels, we own the information,” referring to websites and their content.

He hailed the relative cheap cost of the animation video compared with the potential outcome of many new customers. He cited a KLM video about a dog that retrieves lost mobile phones and returns them to their owners that was viewed by more than 19 million people and credited with improving the airline’s image.


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