Cologne Bonn Airport still below predictions despite rise


Cologne Bonn Airport’s volumes are still below the 760,000 tonne prediction the airport made two years ago, with 2014 only surpassing 2012’s 750,000 tonnes by 3,000 tonnes after 2013 dipped to 740,000.

In 2012, Cologne Bonn Airport had predicted 760,000 tonnes for 2013, but two year’s later it trails that by 7,000 tonnes. The airport says the rise from 2013 to 2014 is due to a, “economic recovery”. The drop in 2013 had been blamed on a weak European economy. The two per cent growth in cargo during 2014, compared to last year, is below the five per cent growth seen in passenger numbers.

Cologne Bonn Airport’s chairman of the management board, Michael Garvens, says: “Freight has recovered somewhat from its low in 2013, but could not keep pace with the passenger traffic.” 

During the 2013 fiscal year, which is April to March, the airport made a profit of one million euros ($1.2 million). In its first half-year financial results, published in October 2013, its profit was 600,000 euros. However, no announcement has been made regarding the airport’s first half-year results for the 2014 fiscal year. 

The decline in revenues in recent years is apparent when 2012’s four million euro profit is compared with 2013’s one million.


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