Consolidating the cargo industry in a post-Covid landscape


AirCargoGroup (ACG), a global network of airfreight wholesalers, is focused on helping freight forwarders and logistics providers to enable them to enhance their reach, buying power and product quality. As the world emerges from the restrictions seen over the past few years, ACG is hoping to use air cargo forum (ACF) Miami to focus on consolidating the air cargo industry.

“When COVID hit, the importance of consolidating cargo fell to the wayside. We saw air- freight rates increase and capacity decrease. The airfreight competition was so tough that freight forwarders just wanted to get their cargo moving and shopping around for prices wasn’t an option,” Rebecca Foster, network manager of AirCargoGroup said.

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“Fast forward to 2022, airfreight rates are more stable and capacity with the airlines has increased again – this brings us back into a consolidation market. ACG is an association of neutral airfreight consolidators. That means that we only deal with freight forwarders and that gives you peace of mind that our members will not deal directly with the end user/shipper/consignee and cut the freight forwarders out of the business”

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“Networking is the cornerstone of the ACG. Relationships are what drive our business. If you have a good, strong relationship with your partner you are more likely to be successful because your business matters to them and their business matters to you,” Foster stated, discussing the importance of ACF Miami. “We all learnt how to do business through virtual meetings, but nothing quite compares to standing face-to-face at an exhibition.”

“We would like to create awareness around consolidation services and how the ACG can assist freight forwarders by offering the best rates for consolidating cargo on a reliable service,” Foster added. “A lot of the small to medium size freight forwarders walk through these exhibitions and that is our target market, so the exhibitions are extremely beneficial to us.”