CP1 aims to modernise air traffic


The European Commission published today into the EU Official Journal the European Commission Implementing Regulation no. 116/2021, Common Project 1 (CP1).

CP1 aims to steer Air Traffic Management (ATM) modernisation in Europe.

The CP1 Regulation will enter into force on the 20th day after its publication into the EU Official Journal, meaning on 22nd February.

The SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM), as the coordinator of SESAR Air Traffic Management (ATM) modernisation projects in Europe, will now break down the CP1 into a brand new SESAR Deployment Programme 2021.

It will turn the regulation into a concrete manual to guide operational stakeholders on what has to be done, how, where and by when, with the aim of accelerating the digitalisation of European ATM towards a greener aviation industry.

Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager SESAR Deployment Manager commented: “It is a truly historical day in Air Traffic Management modernisation as CP1 is a key regulatory stepping stone, ensuring the smooth continuation of ATM modernisation in Europe.

“I am proud that the SDM teams and our stakeholders have strongly contributed to feeding this regulation and will now ensure and guide stakeholder commitment in applying CP1 on day-to-day ATM operations.”