CSafe expands footprint into Europe buying Kalibox


CSafe Global has completed the acquisition of France-based cool chain packaging firm Kalibox – extending its footprint into Europe.

The move continues CSafe’s global expansion plans adding over 5,000 square metres of manufacturing in two European locations to its current six North American locations that total over 20,000 square metres. These are CSafe’s first owned facilities in the European Union.

Kalibox was founded in 2001 and manufactures temperature-controlled packaging including insulated shippers, patented design insulated pallet shippers and refrigerants and specialises in providing services for the safe transportation of life saving medicines.

Through its accredited testing laboratory, Kalibox has developed a strong expertise in the development and qualification of passive services.

CSafe president and chief executive officer, Brian Kohr says: “The acquisition of Kalibox is an important milestone for CSafe as we work hard to be able to continue to support our global customers with the right solutions for their cold chain shipments. We are solely focused on helping our life science customers have the best solution for their needs.”

Kohr adds: “This investment to expand our product offering to include an alternate but needed design of passive packaging along with a line of passive pallet shippers and gel bricks allows CSafe to continue to help our customers create the most efficient, effective, reliable and secure temperature controlled supply chain.

“We will continue to provide cold chain solutions and adapt them to meet our customer’s needs and not sell ‘one-size fits everyone’ products. The vision of the company over the last 25 years has never altered – to be the most trusted name in cold chain solutions.”