Delta Cargo expands coverage of DASH Critical & Medical


Delta Cargo has expanded the coverage of its DASH Critical & Medical service to 15 US locations, with further expansion planned next year.

DASH Critical & Medical is the first fully GPS-enabled, same-day product offered by a US freight and passenger carrier, providing real-time tracking and monitoring of any eligible shipment, and customers can ship items up until 45 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure.

The service was launched from Boston, and will be available from 14 other locations, namely: Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, New York LaGuardia, Los Angeles, Memphis, Minneapolis, Orlando, Rochester New York, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Savannah and Seattle, with service to 89 mainland US destinations and Hawaii.

Antech Diagnostics North East regional transportation manager, Todd Sand says: “We started using DASH Critical & Medical because we were in need of a good way to track our packages from drop off to pick up.”

“We liked the idea of having an extra 15 min to tender our boxes and the guaranteed 45 min off load time but what really caught our eye was the GPS that is attached to every package.”

“The GPS took a huge load off our shoulders, knowing that if something happened we would know where the box was and could retrieve it in minutes. Our experience using DASH Critical & Medical has been fantastic.”

DASH Critical & Medical shipments have clearly visible, unique pink packaging and include GPS tracking that is proactively monitored by a dedicated team throughout the journey, ensuring that important shipments are in the right place at the right time throughout the shipping process.

DASH offers premium domestic services for time-sensitive, small packages such as medical commodities, legal documents, essential machinery parts and aircraft on the ground components.