Delta Cargo pushes for digitalisation with iPad kiosks


Delta Cargo has launched self-service iPad kiosks in Atlanta and Boston, requiring electronic air waybills (e-AWB) as standard operating procedure.

The air waybill is a critical air cargo document constituting the contract of carriage between the shipper and Delta Cargo.

The implementation supports Delta Cargo and the International Air Transport Association’s efforts to move from paper air waybills to e-AWB and provide customers with a streamlined digital experience to book all US domestic product shipments.

Kiosks were first tested in Atlanta at all shipment acceptance counters, Delta Cargo has recorded a 94 per cent increase from paper to e-AWB bookings for US domestic shipments since the start of the trial.

Following customer feedback, these kiosks have been rolled out in Boston and will shortly be available in New York JFK and Seattle.

Delta Cargo managing director commercial, Lindsey Jalil says: “The introduction of Delta Cargo’s self-service experience contributes to a more environmentally friendly and simple booking process, while also providing expedited service to customers.

“With initiatives such as this we are working towards our goal of achieving 100 per cent e-AWB penetration in the United States by the end of the year and internationally in 2019.”