DHL launches one stop-shop for customs processes


DHL Global Forwarding has launched its Customs Connection platform in the US, acting as a one stop-shop for customs processes.

Customs Connections features include enhanced functionalities such as a dashboard where customers can view and download their current and historical information and data, filter through commodities/origin and destination categories, generate reports, obtain invoice information and view a breakdown of total brokerage costs.

DHL Global Forwarding chief executive officer, David Goldberg says: “With the changing customs landscape, DHL Global Forwarding now offers a platform that is more dynamic, robust and easy to use, allowing our US customers to obtain their data in a more accessible manner.

“This platform complements the Customs Brokerage services we offer through our team of 800 experts across the US.”

DHL Global Forwarding US head of Customs Brokerage, Alejandro Palacios says: “We are transitioning all of our US Customs Brokerage customers onto this new platform and have obtained very positive feedback and reviews thus far.

“It is a platform that will help our customers be more efficient by giving them the opportunity to take control of all of their customs data with complete visibility and tracking.”