DHL ready to blast into outer space with services to the moon

Peregrine Lunar Lander

Consumers will soon be able to send packages to the moon using DHL’s MoonBox, with the first flight on track to launch in 2019.

The Peregrine Lunar Lander, produced by Astrobotic will primarily be used for science, exploration and marketing payloads but private individuals will be able to send objects up to one inch in diameter using small honeycomb-shaped boxes called DHL MoonBoxes.

The first mission in 2019 is expected to carry numerous DHL MoonBoxes and 35 kilogrammes of cargo for science and exploration, with the payload increasing to as much as 265 kilogrammes on later missions.

Astrobotic vice president of development, Dan Hendrickson says: “Our commercial lunar mission is giving institutions and countries around the world their first opportunity to reach the Moon, and at a historically low cost.”

Deutsche Post DHL Group senior vice president – corporate brand marketing, Arjan Sissing says: “For DHL, being part of the first commercial space logistics service is an exciting and inspiring experience. This means that we are not only part of a breakthrough project for research and science – the DHL MoonBox is also our very first extraterrestrial offering for consumers.”

Customers can order their DHL MoonBox and DHL will be in charge of the outbound delivery and transport to Astrobotic in Pittsburgh, where the packages will be stored for safekeeping until the first lunar mission.

DHL is also the official logistics partner of the aerospace outfit, and will transport the Peregrine Lunar Lander from Pittsburgh to the launch site in Florida.