DHL transports Eliska the black rhino to Tanzania

Eliska the rhino

DHL has transported Eliska the black rhino from the Czech Republic to her natural homeland in Tanzania, using a Boeing 757-200 Freighter.

Three-year-old Eliska was transferred from her birthplace at ZOO Dvur Kralove to a natural park in Tanzania as part of the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust, via DHL’s European hub in Leipzig to Kilimanjaro Airport, before travelling by truck to her new home.

DHL used a 757-200 specially modified for animal transportation for the 6,500-kilometre flight, during which Eliska was accompanied and monitored by a team of support staff, including leading black rhino veterinarian, Dr Pete Morkel.

DHL Express chief executive officer, Ken Allen says: “The delivery of Eliska to Tanzania continues a proud tradition at DHL Express of supporting international animal conservation efforts.”

“We were very excited to have the opportunity to transport this beautiful animal home to Africa and to play our part in these critical efforts to help revive endangered Eastern black rhino populations.”

The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust field director, Tony Fitzjohn OBE says: “We were delighted that DHL was able to support us with this project, as we were only prepared to entrust Eliska to partners who could absolutely guarantee a safe and seamless move.”

Eastern black rhinos are one of the most endangered mammals due to poaching, with an estimated 800 in the world. ZOO Dvur Kralove has bred 43 calves to date and statutory director, Přemysl Rabas comments: “Eliska’s departure is a bitter-sweet moment for ZOO Dvur Kralove. We are sorry to say goodbye to one of our much-loved animals, but at the same time, we are extremely gratified to have played a part in this important conservation project and excited to see how she adapts to her natural habitat.”