Dimerco restructure management


Dimerco has announced the roll out of phase two of its radical restructure, aimed at driving quicker response, greater flexibility, and business resilience in the face of increasingly challenging and disruptive supply chains.

Dimerco initiated its planned organisation restructure in 2019 and reports that the company is already seeing positive impact resulting from the changes implemented to date, with both revenue and profitability up for 2020, despite the difficult trading environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Phase two of the reorganisation will see the creation of a flatter, less hierarchical structure, with a focus on managerial specialisation, team leadership and intelligent applications.

“We believe that team leadership, underpinned by a common vision, will facilitate clear communication and coordination, and enable strategic decisions to be made based on a global perspective by bringing together complementary skills and competency from multiple countries with diverse business cultures across our network,” said Jeffrey Shih, chief executive management.