Doug Brittin to retire as TIACA secretary general

TIACA secretary general Doug Brittin

Doug Brittin is to retire as the secretary general of The International Air Transport Association (TIACA) after three years in charge.

A selection committee chaired by TIACA vice chairman, Sebastiaan Scholte, who is also the chief executive officer of Jan de Rijk Logistics, has been established and has commenced the process of reviewing and recruiting candidates. Brittin will stay with TIACA in an advisory capacity once a successor has been appointed to smooth the transition.

Brittin says: “TIACA is the only association representing the entire air cargo community and the role of Secretary General is a vital one.”

“I continue to be dedicated to attaining our goals on behalf of all segments of our industry, and am looking forward to a great ACF [Air Cargo Forum] in Paris in October.”

TIACA chairman, Sanjiv Edward, who is also the head of cargo business at Delhi International Airport says: “It is business as usual in the meantime and we are looking forward at the moment to an exciting ACF in October.”