New US drone regulation set to increase commercial market

Swiss Post July 2015 Matternet One drone flight testing

Drone USA expects a new regulation – the small UAS Rule – passed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – will lead to growth in the commercial drone market.

Drone USA is a developer and manufacturer of low altitude unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)/ drones and related technologies and says after the regulation change, it projects growth for the commercial drone segment of the company.

Small UAS Rule, which was first passed by the FAA in June and went into effect Monday, 29 August, 2016, simplifies the process of becoming a commercial drone pilot.

Under the new regulations, commercial drone operators will no longer have to obtain a traditional pilot’s license and receive case-by-case permission from regulators. Commercial drone pilots will now only need to pass a certification test and abide by various flying restrictions.

Drone USA chief commercial officer, Michael Bannon says: “Small UAS Rule will completely change the commercial drone market and within the first day of the new regulations going into effect the FAA reported receiving over 3,000 new applicants preregistering to take the certification test.

“We are confident that Small UAS Rule will significantly broaden the commercial use of UAV systems in sectors such as precision agriculture, utilities inspection, mapping, mining, and public safety. We fully intend to capitalise on this opportunity and use it grow the Commercial Drone segment of our business.”