Economic insecurity hits cargo at Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport reveals February figures
Brussels Airport

Freight volumes at Brussels Airport have fallen 10% with all segments suffering largely due to growing economic insecurity.

Total cargo was down 10.5% in July to 55,552 tonnes with total flown cargo decreasing 9.4% to 41,632 tonnes and trucked cargo by 13.5% to 13,920 tonnes.

Full freighter volumes were down 20% to 10,588 tonnes due to airlines departing at the start of the year.

Integrator services fell 4.1% to 17,523 tonnes, a smaller decline than previous months due to a reduction in air traffic control disruptions, and belly cargo was down 6.4% to 13,522 tonnes.

Between January and July, total cargo was down 9.4% to 389,473 tonnes with flown cargo decreasing 10% to 288,623 tonnes.

Full freighters were down 16.7% to 79,616 tonnes, integrators by 9.7% to 117,521 tonnes and belly cargo by 3.6% to 91,486 tonnes.