ECS Group and Exp-Air Cargo join forces in North America

Exp-Air Canada managing director, Danny Olynick

ECS Group and Exp-Air Cargo have joined forces to consolidate its position in the general sales and service agent market across the Americas.

Exp-Air Cargo was founded in 1990 with its headquarters in Montreal, and offices in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton, and predominantly focuses on the US and Canadian markets.

Exp-Air Canada managing director, Danny Olynick says: “The hallmark of Exp-Air Cargo is its open and transparent partnership, where the final objective is to increase mutual revenues, by offering to our customers a great cargo experience with a reliable, fast and safe freight product.”

ECS Group says the partnership will promote and leverage core competencies of total cargo management, customer loyalty and expertise in business intelligence and IT.

Chief operating officer, Adrien Thominet says: “We share the same mind-set and have a common vision on how to tackle the challenges we are confronted with.”

“To achieve our objective of deployment, Danny Olynick, Exp-Air Cargo Managing Director, will take control of the commercial development of the USA for ECS Group and will lead the group under the new arrangement.”