ECS Group navigates evolving GSSA market


For ECS Group, this year’s Air Cargo Europe event has a very important part to play for the future of the air freight business. As a key event of the industry, it will be an ideal opportunity for the GSSA to meet its customers and expose its strategy to navigate the evolving market climate.

Recognising that the traditional GSAs’ business model is no longer viable and that transforming it is crucial to their survival has led ECS Group to expand its scope of services to become an “Augmented GSSA”. The series of abilities it has developed since the Covid crisis, a menu of services to pick and choose from, will not only fulfill the wide range of its customers’ needs, but it will also reinforce its position as the best partner to airlines in these uncertain times.

“Today a GSA needs to position itself not only as a solid partner but also to bring new ideas to airlines. Air Cargo Europe will be the occasion for ECS Group to demonstrate the relevance of its “Augmented Abilities” and the importance of acting beyond its core commercial role,” Adrien Thominet, Executive Chairman of ECS Group, said.

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These abilities have been designed to meet the specific needs of the industry. Services such as All-In, the Total Cargo Management tool, will prove to be their best ally in today’s market as it allows them to concentrate on critical matters while the GSSA ensures the smooth running of their daily operations. A tool like Optimum enables airlines to maximise their revenue through commercial planning and pricing while Mail & More offers all of ECS Group’s expertise in mail management. As for Total Cargo Expertise, it is a guarantee for airlines that their ground operations are carried out to the highest standard of quality, safety and security.

“This year’s airfreight market is drastically different from 2022. Airlines are experiencing a drop in market demands and yields combined with a capacity increase. Because of this increasingly tense situation, it has become urgent for all GSAs to review their business model. In this context, this year’s Air Cargo Europe event should focus on the essential themes that best define the industry today:  technology, sustainability and revenue optimisation strategies “, Thominet said.

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Among the greatest challenges currently faced by the air cargo market is indeed the capacity to integrate the relevant technological tools as quickly as possible to sustain the fast pace of the market’s changes. Sustainability is another crucial challenge that the industry must address at a matter of emergency. ECS Group takes this issue very seriously and has drawn some comprehensive guidelines as well as a code of conduct to implement more sustainable actions in its business activities at group level. Yet, what will be paramount for all stakeholders is remain agile and flexible to cope with the brutal market fluctuations.

However worrying this situation may seem, there are great opportunities to be seized. The benefits the air freight industry can reap from technological tools are more and more visible. The success of Cargo Digital Factory, ECS Group’s own lab for the development of tailor-made IT solutions as well as the growth of CargoTech, the all-in-one tech provider to the cargo industry which ECS Group co-founded, are testament to this transformation. In addition, the GSSA’s extensive sales network ensures airlines the best customer service in 52 countries worldwide.

As ECS Group continues to evolve and grow, its coming months will consist of reinventing its role as a GSSAs while remaining true to its commercial DNA.