ECS group offers increased support to North America

Photo: ECS Group

Atlantis/ACI provides a unique range of handling and trucking services to airlines in Canada and the USA, with a great expertise on special cargo. With Atlantis/ACI, ECS group offers increased support to North America

“We are delighted to have Atlantis/ACI among our subsidiaries. It represents a real plus for ECS Group’s customers in North America giving them full access to local expertise,” Adrien Thominet, executive chairman of ECS Group announced.

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Benefiting greatly from ECS Group’s expertise in the airfreight industry, Atlantis/ACI has been going from strength to strength and has a bright future ahead. “In less than two years, we have increased the portfolio of customers we handle, and added many equipment to our fleet allowing us to expand our RFS network. We are now offering many new services to our airlines and forwarders, and proudly delivering customised solutions,” Danny Olynick, president of ATLANTIS/ACI explained.

Atlantis Transportation Services has regular LTL and FTL scheduled service between Montreal and Toronto as well as servicing New York, Newark, Chicago, Detroit, Miami. In addition, ad hoc service can be offered to any points between Canada and the USA providing great flexibility.

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As for ACI, it operates handling facilities in three major airfreight hubs in Canada, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, and is looking to expand to other airports. It offers not only general handling services for airlines and forwarders, but also screening, packaging, transfer and labelling.

In terms of cargo types, ATLANTIS/ACI covers a very wide range of goods but it focuses particularly on special cargo such as PHARMA, PER, eCommerce, oversize, DG, parts, cars and helicopters. Moreover, ACI’s facilities are equipped with specialized PHARMA, VAL and AVI rooms, while Atlantis runs a fleet 30 trucks and 45 trailers of all types (roller beds, reefer, drop-deck, roll tite flat bed, dry vans).