ECS wins contracts and targets Asia


ECS Group has won two new general sales agent (GSSA) contracts in Germany with DHL and Malaysian Airlines, starting from 1 July.

Speaking to Air Cargo Week at Air Cargo China on 14 June, the Group’s chief executive officer, Adrien Thominet says it sees a room to increase DHL’s revenue in Germany and will operate a dedicated set-up.

He says: “We have a good chemistry with them as work in five or six other countries already and this is a new step. We are also starting Malaysian Airlines in Germany so two new contracts, which is very interesting for us.”

Thominet says ECS will soon announce two “major” deals in Asia – one an acquisition and one a contract with a big carrier in the region – to be finalised by the end of June.

He says: “In terms of Asia, the focus is more South East Asia, we are finalising one very strong acquisition, opening nine markets and nine countries and close to finalising an agreement with a big carrier. At the same time we can have a new product and new network.”


China and Asia is key for ECS: “We have two offices in Shanghai and Beijing and growing our activity. We are the GSA for Ukraine International Airlines, which is growing capacity. It will change from a Boeing 767 to 777 into Beijing and open Shanghai next year.

“For us, we want to grow in China and will most probably open an office in Guangzhou too.”

Thominet says Asia is suffering, as rates are falling and the market was not prepared for the decline, but he notes: “For us it is more interesting, the more the market struggles the more the GSA solutions are coming more natural and we have opportunities with more airlines – the market is sick but that is good for us in terms of opportunities.”

Thominet says in Asia the market is different to Europe, as if you work with one carrier it attracts their competitors – the opposite of Europe.

Thominet notes: “We have an opportunity here and think the GSA will be the new Uber concept for cargo in the region. Airlines immediately outsource entirely, and we are totally ‘uberising’ their activities. We are the new Uber in the region.”