EFW launches Airbus A321 passenger to freighter conversion


EFW has formally launched its 14 position Airbus A321 passenger to freighter (P2F) conversion following an announcement by vice president sales & marketing, Wolfgang Schmid.

The configuration allows 14 full container positions in the upper deck compartment and 10 in the lower deck.

With 14 AAY/AAA 88×125” and 10 LD3-45W this gives a total inner container volume of 7,348 ft3/208.1m3.

EFW says its A321 P2F will provide maximum volume capacity in comparison to other narrow body alternatives.

It also says the A320 family is the only narrow body aircraft that offers container loading on the lower deck, not only increasing volume and payload capabilities but also better turnaround times and interlining capabilities as well as less manpower for loading.