Electronics company facing $126,000 HazMat fine from FAA


A Florida-based electronics company is facing a $126,000 fine from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for alleged violations of Hazardous Materials Violations.

RAE-I.T. Asset Management of Ocala, Florida is accused of offering a shipment containing 220 lithium ion mobile phone batteries weighing 16 kilos to UPS for shipment by air on 24 May.

The shipment, which was discovered by workers at the UPS cargo facility at Louisville International Airport, Kentucky, was forbidden because it was not packed in a manner to prevent sparks or dangerous levels of heat.

The FAA alleges the package was not accompanied by a shipper’s declaration of dangerous goods and was not properly classed, described, packaged, marked, labelled or in a proper condition for shipment.

The US Department of Transportation agency alleges that RAE-I.T. failed to ensure employees received required hazardous materials trainings, and failed to provide emergency response information with the shipment.