Elmore joins HLT

Hermes Logistic Technologies

Cargo Management Systems (CMS) provider Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has welcomed back Simon Elmore as Chief Operations Officer as it continues to expand and innovate its New Generation (NG) Cargo Management Ecosystem with new applications and services.

Elmore returns to the role after a two-year absence, during which he worked as a consultant on a number of aviation and e-commerce projects.

He was one of the team to design, build, and deliver the original Hermes CMS, whose latest version is called Hermes 5.

“This is a very exciting time for HLT, with so many possibilities for widening and aligning the product range,” commented Simon Elmore.

Simon Elmore

“It is clear that digitalisation has come into its own during the pandemic, but we have also learnt that staying connected and showing a human face is important.

“Our people are the key to our success and it is good to be back at the helm of a product team with so much focus on innovation and customer care.”

In November 2020 HLT, working with its customer dnata Australia, embarked on a project with researchers at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark to explore new machine learning models.

The project is aimed at delivering predictive business analytics with the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms running from a full Datalake infrastructure that captures and stores Hermes NG Business Intelligence events.

Elmore will be part of the team looking at products which can be developed using HLT’s online event-based cloud Datalake infrastructure.

HLT has a range of Hermes NG Apps, as part of their Hermes NG Ecosystem which is aimed at maximising its customer’s profits by reducing handling errors, identifying operational inefficiencies, and preventing revenue leakage.

Hermes NG Apps are a set of pay-as-you-go self-serve responsive apps running on any device.

Some of the available apps are Track and Trace, Companion App, Slot Booking, and Landside Management.