Emergency landing made in Liverpool by an Airbus Beluga


An Airbus Beluga cargo aircraft was forced into an emergency landing yesterday at Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport after developing a problem with its wing flaps.

While heading to Hawarden Airport in North Wales during the early evening, the Airbus A300 had to land early after the suspected wing issue.

In a statement to Air Cargo Week, the airport explains: “Airbus Beluga aircraft heading to Hawarden Airport diverted to Liverpool John Lennon Airport at around 17:30 on Sunday 14 February, having declared a full emergency due to flap problems.

“The crew requested to land at Liverpool due to the longer runway length than at Hawarden. The aircraft landed safely without incident and currently remains at Liverpool.”

The plane reportedly went into a holding pattern for around an hour before making the landing.

The aircraft was being used to carry parts to and from Airbus’s site in Broughton, where wing assembly takes place for most Airbus aircraft.