Emirates flies 300t of flowers to Amsterdam for Valentine’s Day


Emirates SkyCargo has put on three additional cargo flights transporting over 300 tonnes of flowers to Amsterdam to support demand for flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Demand for flowers spikes around Valentine’s Day, with global demand for roses growing to 250 million every February, with Emirates SkyCargo introducing extra flights to meet the additional demand.

The 300 tonnes of flowers that flew to Amsterdam were destined for the Aalsmeer flower auction, and last year Emirates SkyCargo transported 578 tonnes of flowers to the UK, with the majority coming from India, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Flowers are a key item for Emirates SkyCargo, and the airline transported approximately 45,000 tonnes from Kenya and Ecuador, as well as from other major producers including India, New Zealand, Vietnam, Zambia and Ethiopia.

Emirates SkyCargo transported over 100,000 tonnes of fresh flowers around the world in 2017.

Transporting flowers is time sensitive, and Emirates SkyCargo has developed solutions to ensure the freshness and durability of flowers and other perishables.

One of these is the White Cover, designed to protect temperature sensitive products while being waterproof and breathable.