Envirotainer aiming to give access to ULD solutions

Envirotainer deputy chief executive officer, Mattias Almgren

As pharmaceutical companies experience significant transition, Envirotainer is working closely with customers to ensure they have access to the right solutions across the supply chain, deputy chief executive officer, Mattias Almgren tells ACW staff writer James Muir.

He says Envirotainer’s global network provides the consistency the market requires, which along with significant investments, means it can “adopt an innovative strategy to be ready for the challenges of servicing newly defined markets”.

Almgren adds: “In collaboration with our airline and forwarding partners, we are designing new systems and methodology to increase transparency, accountability, and quality within the entire cold chain.”

He says the aim for the immediate future is for further digitalisation by building an even stronger collaborative relationship with business partners.

“We are creating an open dialogue with our pharmaceutical customers to enhance services that will ultimately bring value in the increasingly competitive environment.”

Envirotainer’s core service is leasing specialised containers for transporting temperature sensitive products, with the RAP e2 proving particularly popular.

Almgren explains: “The RAP e2 showcases the next generation of the well proven e-technology platform for heating and cooling invented by Envirotainer. This advanced technology paired with the composite material shell and the forkliftable base, makes the RAP e2 the leading innovation in container design and performance.”

Envirotainer has been increasing its global presence, including a service station in Delhi and a RAP e2 station in Los Angeles. Almgren adds: “In addition, our commitment to increase production and container fleet size is designed to satisfy market demand and customer requirements.”

As well as this, Envirotainer has renewed its partnership with CHEP Aerospace Solutions, which Almgren says means it can meet customer’s needs in terms of reliability and availability.

He tells ACW: “CHEP’s repair excellence, IT capabilities and global network play an important part in enabling us to strengthen our leading position in the market. Our companies also share the same business values and invest in developing and offering innovative solutions, such as container tracking devices, to our respective customers.”