Envirotainer and CHEP extend contract for three years


Envirotainer and CHEP Aerospace Solutions have extended their unit load device (ULD) repair, handling, transportation and storage contract for a further three years.

CHEP provides the services including repairs for Envirotainer’s containers across 21 global service centres, which are approved to issue certificates of release to service under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

CHEP Aerospace Solutions president, Dr Ludwig Bertsch says: “Our partnership with Envirotainer provides benefits for both companies and goes beyond the scope of a typical cooperation, for which the significant support given by Envirotainer to achieve the dual FAA and EASA certification of our repair stations is a great example.”

Envirotainer chief executive officer, Simon Angeldorff says: “Envirotainer’s partnership with CHEP helps us meet the needs of our customers in terms of reliability and availability, which are key factors to success in the pharmaceutical supply chain.”

“CHEP’s repair excellence, IT capabilities and global network play an important part in enabling us to strengthen our leading position in the market.”