Envirotainer launches Releye RAP

Envirotainer launches Releye RAP

Envirotainer has today launched the Releye RAP temperature-controlled 5-pallet solution.

Designed to meet the strictest requirements in pharmaceutical air freight, the integrated live monitoring enables insight into product condition, location and progress of the shipment.

More sustainability

The company says that because the Releye RAP offers the largest internal volume for temperature-controlled air freight shipments, it makes more efficient use of available air cargo capacity. This offers the best value Total Landed Cost and achieves the lowest CO2 footprint in the air cargo industry. It offers the most cargo space per fuel unit and has the smallest CO2 footprint of solutions on the market, due to its low weight and large cargo space

Swiss WorldCargo is one of the first carriers to shortly approve the Releye RAP container for their operations and to add it to their portfolio.

“We really appreciate our close partnership with Envirotainer and are proud to be at the forefront to soon operate the new Envirotainer Releye RAP and welcoming it into our temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals solutions portfolio,” said Lorenzo Stoll, head of cargo at Swiss International Air Lines.