Etihad Cargo beats 2020 on time performance targets

Etihad Cargo Beats 2020 On-Time Performance Targets

Etihad Cargo has announces it has beaten its 2020 on time performance targets, achieving 87% on-time-performance (OTP) during 2020 – ahead of its 85% target and despite a significant increase in flight utilisation.

The carrier also maintained a ‘Delivered As Promised’ (DAP) record throughout the year, passing its initial target of 85%, underlining its on-time delivery capability.

“Securing these excellent annual results in Etihad Cargo’s key performance metrics of OTP and DAP, which measure the punctuality of the freighter fleet against the schedule and ability to deliver cargo at an agreed time, demonstrate the reliability of the freighter service,” explained Martin Drew, senior vice president sales and cargo, Etihad Aviation Group.

“This measure is especially important for time-sensitive cargo such as pharmaceuticals and perishables to maintain quality and freshness before being made available to the public.”

DAP is based on the IATA industry standard CargoiQ, of which Etihad Cargo is a certified member, and facilitates a standardised measurement of service promise. It measures milestones along the shipment journey and marks the point where the customer is notified of shipments being ready for collection.

“In recent months, it has become even more relevant to ensure that Etihad Cargo adheres to these commitments to continue supporting the global demand in the transportation of the COVID 19 vaccines and other pharmaceutical items. In fact, since December Etihad Cargo has handled numerous shipments of the vaccine on behalf of the Hope Consortium into Abu Dhabi and continues to do so,” Drew added.

“The efforts and dedication of Etihad Cargo’s well-trained front-line staff and supporting teams has been a key facilitator of the success achieved last year and they continue to play a vital role through their knowledge and expertise.”