FHI launches FHI NOW to tackle supply chain staffing challenges


FHI Inc., the leading supply chain labor workforce services provider, has introduced FHI NOW, an on-demand labor solution, to help companies address the shortage of qualified supply chain workers. The service provides staffing solutions that augment an existing workforce with personnel based on each customer’s specific needs, delivering measurable results at a predictable cost, while enhancing ergonomics and safety measures.

All FHI NOW associates are trained in ‘The FHI Way,’ which includes a comprehensive range of standard procedures to ensure workplace safety and improved productivity. Because of their experience, the onboarding and learning curve for FHI NOW team members is extremely short, so they are highly productive from day one.

“If your company is facing a labor crisis or there are significant seasonal swings in your volume, FHI NOW is a perfect solution because we provide the trained and reliable workers you need to quickly stabilize the operation and get back to running efficient facilities. Our team members are focused on safety and acclimate to client warehouse environments almost immediately, saving you time and money,” Ryan Wall, CEO of FHI, said.

FHI NOW is available for most consumer product supply chains, including grocery, foodservice, apparel, furniture, beverage, healthcare, automotive, construction and manufacturing. There are more than 1,600 qualified associates in the FHI NOW network, with expertise in selecting, unloading, loading, receiving, order consolidation, replenishment, put-away, shipping and more.

Each FHI NOW team consists of at least 10 associates with onsite leaders who have both warehouse operations and people management experience. FHI can provide 150 associates or more for clients’ locations and has the capacity to deploy teams for several months and even years.