Finnair Cargo bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 shipments over fire concerns

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Finnair Cargo is banning shipments of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones due to fire hazard concerns with the battery cell.

A number of airlines including Delta Air Lines and Cathay Pacific and regulators such as the Civil Aviation Authority and Federal Aviation Administration have already issued warnings to passengers with the mobile phones not to charge them or turn them on board during flight, and to pack them in hand luggage, not checked baggage.

Finnair Cargo says: “Finnair does not accept any cargo or mail shipments containing these Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices. This embargo covers new shipments to distributors and possible return shipments from customers. It is effective immediately until withdrawn by a separate notification.”

It says that the hazard comes under dangerous goods special provision A154: “Lithium batteries identified by the manufacturer as being defective for safety reasons, or that have been damaged, that have the potential of producing a dangerous evolution of heat, fire or short circuit are forbidden for transport (e.g. those being returned to the manufacturer for safety reasons).”